Break Out Sessions

Join us for one of the many dynamic and inspiring break out sessions we have available. You can choose one from each session to attend. Break out sessions will be open to access during their corresponding start times.

Break Out Session I (11:15am - 11:55am)

1. Healing Space 

2. Black Men & Mental Health - A community dialogue on mental health – Presenters: Antonio Brown; Brother John Muhammad; Reno Moore; Alan Perry

3. Teaching to Survive in the Spirit of Love – Dr. Gary Lemons; Professor of African American Literature and the Bible as Literature, University of South Florida, Tampa Campus

4. Your Silence Won’t Keep You Safe. Narrative Work as a Practice of Healing, Advocacy, and Collective Liberation –Eris Edy (BIPOC Safe Space)

5. Toward a Radically Inclusive Theology – Lee Smith; Atlanta, GA

6. Healing While Black, While Healing While Black: The Urgent Case for Healing Justice – Tiffany Reddick, LPC; Lead Organizer, WeHeal Social Justice Wellness Collective, Atlanta, GA 

7. Coffee, Café’s, Coparenting and Collaborations, Strategies that affirm that “Little Black Lives Matter, too” – Dr. James McHale, USFSP; Dr. Marva Lewis, Tulane; Dr. LaDonna Butler

8. Black and Embodied: Moving Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy for Collective Healing – Mischelle Rodriguez, PhD

9. Healthy and Holy Conversations around Biblical Content, Systemic racism & internalized oppression in the 21st century – Margaret Conley, LCSW

Break Out Session II (12:00pm - 12:40pm)

1. Healing Space – Inspired Space; Micha Poole, Inspiration

2. Survivors Speak! A network of individuals Healing through Action – BBV; St. Petersburg, FL

3. An Autoethnography of Healing: Achieving an Education despite the Violence of Schooling – Dr. Evelyn Newman Phillips, Professor of Anthropology; Dr. Sylvia Jalil-Gutierrez and Dr. Wangari Gichiru, Central Connecticut State University

4. The Power to RIGHT Your Story: A Roadmap to Removing Judgment, Shame and Honoring Yourself! – Lola Morgan, St. Petersburg, FL (BIPOC Safe Space)

5. "Finding Healing when You are Black, Queer and too Tired to be Proud" – Dr. Ashlee Fowlkes.

6. “The What, Why and How of Race, The Cloak of Many Colors” – Maureen Joseph & Oriel Romarno, Loyola University

7. Ending the Silence – NAMI Pinellas, Denise Whitfield & Liz Rock

8. Whole-Being Wellbeing: Integrating psychotherapy, complementary medicine and somatics in practice – Dr. Laird

9. Black and Clustered: A Look at Personality Disorders in the Black Community – Ashley Alexander, MSW Candidate (Walden University); Tanja Gibson-Dennis, MSW Candidate (Walden University), Interning for Mending Life Concepts (Smyrna, Georgia)