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Dr. LaDonna Butler

Dr. LaDonna Butler is the founder of The Well For Life, a full-service healing space in south St. Petersburg. The Well, established in 2017, gives a physical space for individuals in need of mental health counseling, wellness and self-care resources. As the director of clinical services at the Pinellas Country Urban League since 2015, Butler created The Well to provide a space to go deeper into the community. It holds events for adults and children of all interests, fights stigma, builds community and changes the misconception that counseling is only for sick people.
Dr. LaDonna Butler serves as a Learning and Development Facilitator and Adjunct Faculty at the University of South Florida – Family Studies Center. She is the Chapter Coordinator of St. Petersburg, Chapter of CSSJ and Coordinates Healing Services for CSSJ’s Survivor Speak. In addition to these interests and accomplishments, She is most honored to have birthed and “Mothered” 5 of the most beautiful and brilliant children; Imari, Kira, Mason, Oren, and Quinci. She is most loved by her husband, Minister Ulas D. Butler, who serves as Co-Founder and Spiritual Guide for The Well for Life, LLC.

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