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Tiffany Reddick

Tiffany L. Reddick, LPC  is a licensed professional counselor and therapeutic lifestyle change coach specializing in millennial mental health. She helps purpose, performance, and profit-driven professionals develop and implement wellness strategies that allow them love their best life while changing the world and collecting their coins! After gaining 10 years of experience in the human services field, a life coach certification, and an obscene amount of student loan debt, she was faced with the realization she was in an unhealthy relationship with the career she once adored. She launched SavvyLife Group in hopes of reclaiming her schedule and her sanity while empowering others to do the same by engaging in the work they love effectively and sustainably. Tiffany believes in mindfulness, trap music, and her ability to change the world and make it to happy hour on time. Due to her work as a traveling counselor, she is hardly home, but always reppin [Metro] Atlanta, Georgia.

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